Local activist Nathaniel Cole running for Public School Board

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REGINA: Local community activist Nathaniel Cole is running for public school board trustee in Subdivision 3.

Raised on a grain farm in southeast Saskatchewan, Cole has spent the majority of his career as a public servant. He has been an employee of the provincial and federal government, and now works with the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan.

Cole has serious concerns about the future of public education in this province. The last provincial budget saw funding shortfalls for many school divisions. The Regina Public School Board had to take nearly $900,000 from its reserve fund to balance the books.

“This provincial government has put school boards between a rock and a hard place. The loss of local autonomy and the ongoing funding cuts are hurting our schools,” said Cole. “Our students and staff deserve better.”

Nathaniel is also a strong advocate for LGBT* issues and is encouraged by moves by the division to support Gay Straight Alliances (GSAs).

“Public schools are schools for everyone. We need to do more to create safe spaces for all of our students,” added Cole.

Cole fills much of his spare time volunteering for local organizations like the Regina Folk Festival and the Cathedral Village Arts Festival. In addition, he sat on the board of the Regina Public Interest Research Group, the Rainbow Wellness Resource Centre, and is involved with his local credit union.

Cole is currently enrolled in graduate studies in public policy.

Cole is a strong advocate for the public education system. He stands for schools that are safe, inclusive, properly funded, and an important community hub.

Under new school board boundaries, Subdivision 3 covers Davin, Lakeview, Argyle, Ethel Milliken, and Dr. A.E. Perry schools, Sheldon-Williams Collegiate, and in 2017, Connaught school.

You can learn more about Nathaniel and follow his platform launch over the coming weeks at www.nathanielcoleyqr.com.


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