RealRenewal’s kind words

RealRenewal is a coalition of parents and community members who value quality, sustainable neighbourhood schools. Here’s some of what they had to say about me on their website:


NATHANIEL COLE is campaigning hard in Subdivision 3, which now includes Connaught and Davin schools. RealRenewal members may remember Cole as someone who challenged the board’s position on P3 funding in 2015, helping successfully push for a public meeting with SaskBuilds to discuss the new school builds. Since then, he has continued and expanded his interests in education issues, particularly around inclusive education.

Proud to have the support of RealRenewal!

Concerns with school fees



Image credit to Gary Cooper for The National



Many parents are finding the once nominal fees charged to families with school-aged children have become difficult to manage. New fees have been introduced, like the “lunch supervision fee.”

These fees create barriers – putting into question how “public” our schools actually are.

We’ve seen the autonomy of school boards decrease, as more and more decisions move into the control of the provincial government.

At the same time, the province continues to underfund our schools. Schools are being forced to make tough decisions, and have had to offload expenses directly onto students & families as a last resort to address systematic underfunding.

Advocating for properly-funded schools is one of the key planks of my platform, and I wish more candidates were talking seriously about it. If elected, I will do my best to make sure schools are getting the funding they require – even if that means challenging the provincial government.

A properly-funded public school system would not require families to make up the difference, and will make sure every child is able to reach their potential.

Out and about!


I’ve been out with friends and family in all corners of Subdivision 3 in the last week or two. You’ll also notice I really love standing on the same side in selfies:

I’ve had great conversations with folks concerned about needing more autonomous, properly funded school boards and classrooms that are inclusive and respect diversity.